Will you make up a story for our brand?

There is no more life as we knew it. What was normal before, has completely changed. With that, the way of communicating gains new configurations and other purposes – with that, businesses need to find their way.

We have already said that, in order to remain relevant, brands, which at the moment are in the background of people’s attention, need to adjust their positioning, betting on actions to generate intangible value, without calling for direct sales – without striving for attention. But how to communicate all this? Tell your brand’s story.

There is no better way to connect with people than to pass on a story, information, prose. It is natural, as Yuval Harari shows in the book Sapiens. Our species has also evolved through the capacity of imagination, when creating and transmitting information.

“(…) Fiction allowed us not only to imagine things but also to do this collectively. We can weave shared myths (…). Such myths give sapiens the unprecedented ability to cooperate in a versatile way in large numbers (…). It was the rise of fiction that made it possible for a large number of strangers to cooperate effectively by believing in the same myths. All large-scale human cooperation – be it a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city or an archaic tribe – is based on shared myths that only exist in the collective imagination of people. ” Harari in Sapiens.

One of the questions we hear most at Folklore is: but are you going to make up a story for our company? It is not so. There is a methodology that we apply in creating a brand narrative, but everything is based on truths. The storytelling process starts with the brand strategy, which is also composed of elements that are inherent to the business. So, reality is the basic foundation of communication.

A good case is Café Seis de Janeiro, a project where we develop from name to brand language. The brand’s narrative is entirely based on Folia de Reis, which is a tradition of Fazenda Limeira, where coffee is produced. All points of contact of the brand, name, logo, packaging, etc., move within their exclusive universe. There is even a documentary, filmed on the farm, that supports everything that was told. It’s true, it’s in the DNA. It was only brought up by the brand strategy and is being disseminated through communication.

There are several other examples of cases that we work to build daily. The stoning, maintenance and evolution of these stories is done through cultivation. It is with frequency, sequence and coherence that we develop the relationship and understanding of people with values, attributes and essence of a brand.

Are you ready to tell your brand’s story?

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