How to leave everyone on the same page?

The market is increasingly competitive. The constant increase in mergers and acquisitions, the strong presence of startups and the considerable increase in contact points to reach even the consumer contributes to an increasingly challenging scenario for the management of brands. Therefore, it is important that brands have a solid and clear Brand Architecture. A visual map that shows “where we are” to constantly evaluate “spaces of opportunity”, and thus take action according to an aligned strategy, that makes sense to everyone who has an interest in the brand. Whether for large, medium or small corporations, Brand Architecture has the strategic intention of communicating to all stakeholders which categories a group operates in, what is a brand, what is a sub-brand, how brands are related themselves and with the mother brand. There are some types of brand architecture, a diagnosis is needed to find the appropriate architecture for each case. The designs are not static, on the contrary, they must be adapted and renewed with the customer as their central focus, their habits and needs to ensure adherence and relevance. And, of course, always communicate!

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